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Company Information

E-fundo is a futuristic e-learning company aimed at supporting learners with accessibility to e-learning resources to promote them progress to reach their full potential. Our team is composed of highly experienced consultants from different backgrounds who are keen to improve ways of learning and ensure the future of the young learner is continuously monitored and made safe. E-fundo is working towards creating more opportunities for every learner to take advantages of new technology to improve accessibility to important educational resources.

E-fundo has ongoing research and development in USA, Europe and Africa. During the past five years students who had an opportunity to take part in efundo trials had the benefit of a distinct in the improvement of their performance. Our focus is not only on student but also on helping teacher to enhance their teaching skills with the support of the new technology. We believe new technology can be used safely by putting together safe guarding methods and policies supporting enhancement of teaching methods.

E-fundo is one of the first e-leaning institution to underpin a variety of new learning methods together with research based technques to allow efficiency in curricullum delivery as well as continuous improvements in pass rates.


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